The Bards of Bengal

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The Gods of Spiti

If you are here,I believe you have already read my blog on traveling through Spiti valley .Here I will talk about the strange folk tales of Spiti. The monk of Geyu. Long long ago, Geyu was a prosperous village. It’s prosperity came from its strategic location,it was an important trading village along the Silk route. […]

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Lakshadeep Diaries

The planning “So”,quipped my friend Arka, “what’s the plan for this Puja”. As busy doctors,we find only the few Durga Puja holidays for a gateway from this mundane life. Relishing on my plate of sorse Bata Hilsa(Hilsa fish curry), I jokingly suggested,”Mauritius”. But Mauritius was far too costly for us( we are poor govt doctors), […]

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The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me! “There is no happiness for him who does not travel, Rohita! Thus we have heard. Living in the society of men, the best man becomes a sinner… therefore, wander!… The fortune of him who is sitting, sits; it rises when he rises; it sleeps when he sleeps; it moves when he […]

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